Investing is a constantly evolving field, but a few names stand out as some of the top 10 greatest investors of all time. These successful investors have set the bar high, achieving impressive returns and teaching valuable lessons about investing along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a new investor, studying the strategies of these investment titans can help you improve your investment skills and increase your chances of success.

Who are the top 10 greatest investors of all time? We have our list of greatest investors (placed in no particular order) and what you can learn from them.

Each of the most successful investors have their own style and investing philosophy.

Bill Gross

A recognized financial expert, Bill Gross has spent decades mastering the art of investing, financial planning, and wealth management. His expertise in bond and portfolio analysis has earned him numerous accolades and awards over the years, and he’s considered by many to be one of the most influential investors of his time.

In addition to his success with bond funds, Gross has been praised for his philanthropic efforts and dedication to charitable causes. His passion for giving back has led him to support various organizations and initiatives, further cementing his reputation as a financial and philanthropic leader. Despite his many successes and achievements, Bill Gross remains humble and committed to helping others succeed.

Jack Bogle

John Jack Bogle, a legend in the investment world, revolutionized how people invest their money. Known as the founder of Vanguard Group, he created the world’s first index fund in 1975. His innovative and transparent approach to investment management benefited his clients and changed the financial industry.

Bogle’s passion for helping average investors achieve their long-term financial goals is evident in his investing philosophy of “common sense investing.” He believed in low-cost investing and avoiding costly mistakes that eat away at returns. Today, Bogle is remembered as a visionary who made investing accessible to the masses and helped individuals build wealth for the future.

Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn is known for shaking up companies and unlocking their value

Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn is a billionaire activist investor known for shaking up companies and unlocking their value. Typically, he invests in companies he believes are undervalued, poorly managed, and require a management shakeup. Icahn is also a self-taught investor who emphasizes the importance of hands-on experience and intuition.

Ichan first made headlines in the 1980s with his aggressive approach to corporate takeovers and has since become a major player in industries ranging from telecommunications to energy. One of the lessons we can learn from him is to be patient and to wait for the right opportunity to arise before making a move.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett, fondly called the Oracle of Omaha, is widely considered the most successful investor of all time. He has consistently beaten the market for over 50 years and has built up a multibillion-dollar fortune of over $100B. Buffet is famous as a value investor, an investment style that emphasizes finding high-quality companies with strong fundamentals and holding them long-term. He emphasizes the importance of patience and discipline when investing, advising investors to always be willing to wait for the right opportunity.

John Templeton

Sir John Templeton was a highly successful mutual fund manager and philanthropist. He is perhaps best known for his Templeton Growth Fund and philosophy of investing in companies based on their potential for growth and innovation rather than their past performance. This approach earned him a remarkable track record of high-profit margins and made him a pioneer in global investing.

Templeton believed in taking a contrarian approach to investing, finding bargains in markets that were out of favor with other investors. He also emphasized the importance of diversification and maintaining a long-term perspective on investing.

Peter Lynch capitalizes on his ability to use his down-to-earth approach when investing.

Peter Lynch

Known for his incredible stock-picking skills and fearless approach to investing, Peter Lynch capitalizes on his ability to use his down-to-earth approach to analyze businesses and spot hidden gems. With decades of experience running the Fidelity Magellan Fund, Lynch took an active approach to growth investing, pouring over financial statements and meeting with senior management and teams to better understand the companies he invested in.

He famously said, “Invest in what you know,”- a principle that has helped him identify successful companies like Dunkin Donuts and Hanes Brands. His trading ideas have inspired a generation of investors and continue to be influential in the world of finance today. By following Peter Lynch’s example, we can learn to invest only in stocks we understand and to do our research.

Thomas Rowe Price Jr.

T. Rowe Price specialized in mutual funds and founded the company that bears his name. He is known for long-term investment strategies and focus on quality management teams. Price is one of the pioneers of value investing, and his investment philosophy continues to influence investors today.

Rowe Price believed that long-term investment strategies and research and analysis were essential to making informed investment decisions. We can learn from this iconic investor the importance of investing in companies with strong management and a clear vision for the future.

Benjamin Graham is considered the father of value investing.

Benjamin Graham is considered the father of value investing.

Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham was the father of value investing, which focuses on identifying undervalued stocks. He was Warren Buffett’s mentor and developed the concept of “Mr. Market,” which describes how the stock market can sometimes be quite irrational. Aside from his successful investing career, Graham’s most famous work, “The Intelligent Investor,” is still considered a must-read for anyone interested in investing in the financial markets.

One of the most important lessons we can learn from Graham is to be patient and to look for value in stocks that may be undervalued.


John Neff

This investor is regarded as one of the most successful mutual funds managers ever. John Neff’s iconic investment strategy, which emphasized buying undervalued stocks with strong dividends and low price-to-earnings ratios, netted him an impressive average annual return during his tenure at the helm of the Windsor Fund.

Neff’s approach was grounded in his belief the market was often inefficient and undervalued certain stocks, presenting savvy investors with untapped opportunities. He was a true contrarian, unafraid to bet against the prevailing wisdom of the day, and always focused on the long-term potential of the companies he invested in. Even today, Neff’s legacy is a testament to the power of disciplined, patient investing.

Charlie Munger

Warren Buffett often overshadows Charlie Munger, but he is a brilliant investor in his own right. Well-known in the financial world, Munger is the Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and Buffet’s right-hand man. Throughout his multifaceted career, Munger has been a lawyer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor extraordinaire- an extraordinary accomplishment that reflects his exceptional caliber as a professional.

He is known for his investing strategy, emphasizing the importance of rational thinking, patience, and discipline when making investment decisions.

Becoming a good investor takes time, research and practice.


If you’re trying to become an intelligent investor and improve your investment strategy, taking lessons from the top 10 greatest investors of all time is a great first step. After all, investing is a complex and challenging endeavor. By learning from the top investors of all time, we can gain valuable insights and perspectives to help us succeed.

From Warren Buffet’s focus on fundamentals to John Neff’s discipline, the lessons we can learn from these masters can help us become better investors and achieve financial success. At the end of the day, nothing is preventing you from achieving the same results as the world’s most successful investors.

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